STEP 1 - Receiving your first order

Whenever you receive an order from Eat24, Grubhub, etc…The order is automatically processed by Best Deliveries. You can also choose to send us orders manually instead, in case you only want to give us a portion of your deliveries. Once your order is processed, a driver is dispatched and is en route to the restaurant. You will know when a driver is arriving because we also send you a live-tracking link that will show you where they are. These links are sent for all orders and are sent through email. The best part is, we can setup all this software necessary ourselves, or you can do it on your own if you prefer.

STEP 2 - Pricing and Fees

We charge $5.00 per order and drive up to 2 miles at no extra charge. After 2 miles, the delivery charge increases by $1.00 per extra mile. You can choose to pay the $5.00 yourself and offer free delivery for your customers, or you can simply charge the customer for the entire, or partial delivery fee. A 10% fee comes standard on all orders that we deliver. This is calculated on the subtotal of the order. All transactions are processed on Monday via direct bank transfer only

STEP 3 -Order is in Route

At this point the order has already been prepared and is ready to depart. Our driver arrives and leaves with the order. At this point, the same tracking link that was sent to you is also forwarded to the customer so that they know when to expect the driver. The customer receives this notification via SMS.

STEP 4 - Congratulations on your first Delivery

Once the driver has dropped off the order you will receive and e-mail notification that alerts you of this event. The customer will have a chance to rate the driver and the delivery experience, so if any customer service concerns arise, we will always be able to respond with accurate information and fantastic solutions. If Eat24 and Grubhub keep you going but you wish you had more deliveries, did you know you could sign up to the Best Deliveries app as well? If you are interested in using our marketing platform and any pricing, you can submit any queries to

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